Cathy's Pictures

Sonia, me, Mary, Carrie
from left: Sonia, me, Mary, and Carrie at an ultimate tournament in Montreal, July 1997

The cats now have their own page.

Comparatively Recent Photos

Yellowstone Before Yellowstone, I was an SCA intern at Big Bend National Park in the fall of 2005, then at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge in the spring of 2006. I lived in the city of San Francisco for over six years after college. My nephew Timmy was born in August 2000. He lives in New Jersey and has an extensive photo gallery of his own. I haven't gotten around to editing most of these to smaller sizes for slow connections (or easier viewing) yet. I became an aunt for the second time thanks to my brother and sister-in-law here in the Bay Area. Meet my niece Sophia! And then in the fall of 2005 my sister had her second baby, Laura.

Older and Less Interesting Stuff.

Several pictures from Havasu Canyon, Arizona, Thanksgiving 1999

Miscellaneous Princeton photos:

Graduation, June 1999:

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